"Automotive Artistry" entails finely polishing the paint to near perfection, removing holograms and swirl marks, thus bringing out its true color and luster. Next it is coated to lock-in the shine and provide protection against UV damage and other environmental contamination. A work of art worthy of Gloating!


Polished Gel Coat on boats is a thing of beauty. Oxidation from sunlight is not. Utilizing a rotary polisher and state-of-the-art yacht care compounds and polishes, I bring back the deep rich colors and beauty. I then seal the microscopic pores in the gel coat to slow or stop the oxidation process. The result is a lustrous shine that is easy to maintain!


Most RVs have gel coat finishes which can be polished and coated the same as boats. Other RVs have paint finishes which can be polished and coated the same as cars. Either way, Dirt Disruptor makes them gorgeous!


With a special long-neck, 1" polisher, almost all parts of a motorcycle can be polished and coated. Once coated, the bugs, road dust, and other dirt just spray off with ease. Hydrophobic means that now you can just blow all of the water away after spray washing it.